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8 Core Components of a Balanced Literacy Program gr.K-3, Encouragement for Parents

title Sight words are super important!


Need to start with letters and sounds with your learner_

If you need to start with letters and sounds with your learner, maybe you would like to join my grand-daughter and me for our LEARN TO READ adventure.  She is almost five years old, and in JUNE 2019 I hope to get her on her way to reading.  Comment at my facebook page  SmARTsy Reading Teacher facebook page  where I will load pictures, videos and more, to bring you along with us!  Later, much of our work will be used to build this site!

Kinesthetic Activities to teach phonics

The videos will be the BEST!  Subscribe so you don’t miss this super fun technique to engage the whole body in teaching to read.  I know it sounds crazy, but really it is quite practical for impressing young brains.

Here, I will give you a hint:

To teach a child that letter Dd says /d/ like in dog…… get up and wag your tail like a dog, and say “Dog, /d/ D; dog /d/ D.”  Good hint…… it is SO FUN…. I honestly don’t understand why I did not see more teachers teach that way, but I am just ever so grateful for the workshop that I sat in about 11 years ago, (did not even purchase the program), but it was there in that room when my idea came….. and I came back to my school, not from a book, not from a purchased curriculum, but I choreographed motions for every single phonics chunk that I taught in first grade.

I am going to share those choreographed motions for phonics chunks, here at SmARTsy Reading Teacher!  Subscribe and don’t miss it, as I build my passion here.

Stamina and Fluency (2)


Stamina and Fluency

Journaling gr.K-3

5 Ways to Celebrated Great Student Writing

title practice produces improvement

13 Tips to Keep Your Child Motivated to Practice Reading and Writing

Tricks of the Trade

title tricks of the trade

Can I teach my kid to read_ Yes, and with art, poetry, song, and silliness to teach literacy gr.K-3, it can be loads of fun. Let's look at POEMS and Silly Stories that can add to reading delight