30 years experience here to help you grow enthusiastic and brilliant early readers and writers

At SmARTsy Reading Teacher, all topics related to teaching reading and writing in the early grades will be addressed as well as a wide variety of topics related to education in general which are of primary interest to anyone who loves an elementary student and desires to be supportive of early education.

Thinking about homeschooling_ Wondering if you could teach someone to read_ Just want to help your child succeed_


Hi !  Let me introduce myself.

Professionally, my credentials look something like this:

~30 years of experience working with children

~master’s degree in elementary education, specialization in reading, and trained dyslexic teacher

I have worked professionally with age 18 months to age 17, with  experience  in  private Montessori school and public school.   I have taught preschool and self contained inclusion classes grades 1,2,3,5,6, with some experience extending to 8th grade and high school.

Lastly I taught READING INTERVENTION (helping struggling readers), and it was my great joy and pleasure to see many students blossom.  I want to help you see your students or children blossom as readers and writers as well.  It is a passion for me.

I happen to have blogged for ministry and hobby at these, two places and you can snoop around there if you want to know me more personally.   Grandma Mary Martha  Telling Hearts, a collaborative blog

Into this blog,  SmARTsy Reading Teacher, I will pour everything that I saw work to help my students become early and enthusiastic, brilliant readers and writers.

I will provide basic knowledge, activities, insights, game ideas, and eventually some lesson plans, geared mainly for grades one through three, as well as answer questions and respond to my readers.

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Have a question, need, or comment now?  Please tell me in the comments below.  I will be glad to respond!  My aim is to HELP YOU, to HELP your learner and for you to see your learner absolutely blossom in reading and writing skills and appreciation.

Songs that I wrote for my first graders 8 years ago (or more)

Another reason to subscribe by e-mail:

I am preparing my above song book to be e-mailed to my subscribers, and video of the songs being sung will be posted.  I seriously love these songs and actually think that I will write lesson plans around them to share with you in the future.  Sight-words, high frequency words, important fun and useful words can be taught via these learning tunes.  For enrichment or some core learning, these songs were a gift to my imagination, and I am  thrilled to share with SmARTsy Reading Teacher subscribers.


30 years experience


It is a fact that it takes some students longer to progress to be proficient readers than others.  There is no magic answer.  Individualized instruction is usually the best, and public school can not often offer that, so  if your child seems to be struggling, make time to invest in one on one time applying ideas  and strategies from here.

It is not always easy.  It is a great gift, when you can make a difference in a child’s education, be you parent, grandparent, relative, friend, teacher or tutor.  I will be adding to my ideas shared here, regularly.  I do hope you will subscribe to catch it all.

30 years experience

You can e-mail me here:   tammy@smartsyreadingteacher.com 

Comment or question below, and I will delight to respond, or you can contact me via facebook : Smartsy Reading Teacher on facebook!

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