Art Integrated into the Teaching of Reading

Consonants, and Phonics Chunks Art Integrated into the Teaching of Reading

Art integrated into the teaching of reading is a great way to promote learning. Art increases interest, nurtures creativity and pride. It is good for brain development and can promote memory by involving the senses. Here Smartsy Reading Teacher is happy to share with you, some of our projects that integrate art. We (my helpers/students) and I will show arts/crafts projects for consonants, and “phonics chunks.” [Vowel art projects, here<<]

In random order, here is our art integrated into the teaching of reading. Separate posts will be given with explanations if the project seems slightly complex. Much of these will only need a few sentences I think, but if you have a specific question, please do not hesitate to ask. This blog is a passion in my life, so I will pay attention and respond as soon as I can.

“Vv” is for “vest”

Rainbow Vest is the Best! Later, the “rain” spelling will help us apply the very important elementary reading idea, “When two vowels go walking, the first one does the talking, and often says its name!” and the “bow” spelling demonstrates or may serve as anchor later, that “ow” can make the long O sound (the “o” that says its name.)

For this project I cut a “v” neck shaped vest out of a paper sack and my granddaughter decorated it with strips of colorful streamers left over from a previous party:

She was so proud. More about this day, is here >>>

This post I will add to continually! Thank you for visiting. You are invited to subscribe, and share, to SPREAD THE FUN, SPREAD THE LOVE of READING.


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