Vowel Art Projects for Teaching Reading

O says /o/ like in octopus!

Vowel art projects for teaching reading make learning fun! This yarn octopus is easy to make, keeps young kids busy for a while,makes a great memory, and is a letter/sound reference toy.  I love integrating art projects for kids  into learning.  Creativity is good for the brain, on so many levels, but that is another subject for another time.

Enjoy this vowel art project!

Here is how I made our YELLOW OLLIE OCTOPUS with the blue bow tie.  Later when my grand-daughter makes hers, I will post a picture of hers also.  Ya’ll don’t know it yet, but even the word yellow, and the word blue, excites me, as a reading teacher, because of all that we can and will glean from it. (upcoming post…)

  1. Children will think it is very novel, fun, and interesting to work with you to wrap the yarn around and around and around and around…. your cereal box, clip-board, or what ever you use.
  2. Then cut the yarn, and tie the top to secure around all of the yarn.
  3. Thirdly, cut the bottom loops.
  4. Insert a plastic ball, or you could use a tiny sock wad or something else, to be the head.
  5. Tie around all yarn, at the NECK.
  6. Fun math lesson:  Separate the big yarn tassel into halves, and then halves again and again, which gives you 8 parts of the yarn for 8 octopus legs.
  7. You decide how you will do the legs.  You can secure with a tie intermittently down the leg, or braid it, or twist yarn pieces around and around it to the bottom and secure.
  8. Add eyes.  I was wishing for googly eyes, but you could use buttons.  I tried knots and then used some beads.
  9. Give him a neck bow if you want.

Can you tell I had fun with Ollie Octopus?  My granddaughter is going to have a blast!

I am so blessed and privileged to have this special time with her.

THAT is an awesome thing about homeschooling or doing craft projects with the kids in your care.  You create memories and the relationships are strengthened.  Any art projects for teaching reading, are a GREAT way to do that.

Vowel art projects rock !

If you do this, I would love for you to share photos of your project, or any other vowel project that you do, at : SmARTsy Reading Teacher facebook page

Hug your kiddos!  Happy reading, and merry crafting,

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“I” says /i/ like in inchworm

More art projects for teaching reading, are on the way!  Here is another simple vowel art project. All you need is a few craft sticks and a pencil.  Children may need some help rolling the end of the craft-stick into a “head.”  After that step, just wind the bendy craft stick around and around the pencil and then slide the pencil out.

I suggest making some paper flowers at this time, and leaves, and some garden for the inchworm to live in or at least play in, and then label all.  Wait until you see the labeling party we are going to have!!

Oh me or my, I will not lie.  We are going to have some FUN!


“Ee” says /e/ like in “Elephant”

So we made an elephant puppet with a simple template and a paper sack:

“A” says /a/ like in “apple”

So we cut an apple in half. Next we patted the moisture off the apple. Then we used a paintbrush to paint red on the white fruit flesh. After that, we pressed the apple onto a paper card.

Then we let the red paint dry, and used a marker to draw stem and leaf!

After that, my granddaughter wrote a note on the inside of each one. She copied, names of family members, and the “I love you,” message and signed her name. Hope you have fun doing these vowel art activities as well!

More coming!  Post will be updated with VOWEL ART PROJECTS.  Please read around and see that this whole blog is in serious under-construction phase.  Thank you for your mercy and grace, and for stopping by.  Hope you come again.


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  1. […] Art integrated into the teaching of reading is a great way to promote learning. Art increases interest, nurtures creativity and pride. It is good for brain development and can promote memory by involving the senses. Here Smartsy Reading Teacher is happy to share with you, some of our projects that integrate art. We (my helpers/students) and I will show arts/crafts projects for consonants, and “phonics chunks.” [Vowel art projects, here<<] […]


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