Favorite Books for Beginning Readers

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I have a list of books that are favorites for reading aloud to children for enjoyment.  Similarly, I have a list of favorite books for beginning readers.  Favorite books for beginning readers to practice reading in,  I will tell you about here.

Why these books are on my Favorite Books for Beginning Readers List:

These books are favorites for many reasons.  First of all, story-lines and illustrations are appealing to young readers. Secondly, high frequency words, common words,  and highly phonetic (sound out) words abound.  All of these recommendations happen to be series.  With esteemed position on my list of favorite books for beginning readers series, these books make me smile.

Spend some time with these books and they will go on your favorite books for beginning readers, list as well!

5 Star Series Recommendations, high interest, fun, and confidence building are in favorite books for beginning readers


The Biscuit books are sweetness and fun shared between a little girl, her puppy dog named Biscuit, and a few other 4 legged neighbor pals.  Biscuit books are my favorite earliest reader series.  If you have one or two Biscuit books but did not realize there were MORE, well I encourage you to search them out and buy more.

I personally purchased a Biscuit “storybook” that contains about 13 stories in one book.  My students love reading from that book, and I have been known to give that book as a congratulation gift for hard work.  You will not be disappointed if you invest in Biscuit books.  You are sure to see why this series is on my list of  favorite books for beginning readers to practice with.

Berenstain Bears

Absolutely intriguing and charming pictures captivate little eyes.  The Berenstain Bear family has fun together.  In a variety of stories, little readers are exposed to humor, life lessons, and functional living and learning scenarios.  This series is a favorite choice for students who have mastered about 130 high frequency words, and who are comfortable “sounding out” new words.

Often the settings and scenarios of the story-lines are similar to the children’s lives and families.  This helps the reading vocabulary to be common language and therefore helps put these books on my favorite books for beginning readers, list.

Little Critters

Very similar to the Berenstain Bears books in vocabulary and language complexity, the Little Critters series  is a great choice for early readers.  The little critter characters are cute and fun, imaginative and playful, with grown-ups who are kind, fair, and sensible.  The story-lines are often “typical kid” scenarios with sweet resolutions.  I love to see my students bring Little Critter books from the library.

I highly recommend of this series as at home reading material or gift for a child.  Little critters are near the very top of my favorite books for beginning readers list.

Pete the Cat

Pete the Cat is a fun, generally sensible and adventurous fellow.  The illustrations and story-lines  of this series covers a wide variety of scenes and settings.  Interesting text, as well as colorful and simple illustrations make this series a favorite  for students and teachers.  I highly recommend Pete the Cat books for early readers (gr.1-3).

Pete the Cat books are esteemed on my bookshelves as favorite books for beginning readers!

The Littles

A Scholastic publication, “Th Littles” is a series for the reader that is a bit more advanced  (gr. 2 or 3).  This captivating series is about a nice family named the Littles. The Littles are a tiny species like humans, except tiny like mice and with a long thin tail.  They wear clothes and talk, and have great adventures improvising and happily living inside the Biggs’ house.

The vocabulary is a bit more challenging, and there is more text per page, and less picture per page, than lower level picture books, but none the less fun.  For my second and third graders this series is a favorite!  We gladly rate this book as a favorite book for beginning readers!

Once my students discovered those series, they were sure to check them out of the library again and again.  Want to build your children’s library or buy a great gift?  Any of the above get 5 stars from me.

In summary, as reading teacher of small children, Biscuit, Berenstain Bears, Little Critters, Pete the Cat, and The Littles, are book series that make me want to jump up and down and cheer.  In fact some of my students have seen me do that before!

I hope that you get acquainted with the books I told you about, and build the bookshelf for your little one, with my favorite books for early readers.

Hug your kiddos, and happy reading!

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