5 Ways to Celebrate Great Student Writing


Art work can be the inspiration for great writing, and it can be the celebration for great writing.

Great writings should be celebrated!  Rather the writing is an independent piece, written spontaneously, or from a prompt, or with much guidance or assistance or very little, WRITING accomplishments need to be celebrated.

Decorate and showcase writing!

One way to celebrate is to provide art materials, template, support, and encouragement to produce something beautiful to showcase writing for display.

Provide opportunities for reading and sharing writing with friends and family!

Another way to celebrate writing is to provide opportunities for the little author to read and share their work with loved ones or friends.  Be sure that these friends will be supportive and encouraging.

Collection Scrapbook or Showbook!

Also, you can build a family scrapbook of special writings and give it a prominent and esteemed place in the home. A personal favorite method of mine for this, is using “plastic sleeves” like for document preservation.  My children’s writing is MY FAVORITE documentation, of their life and their thoughts, and their presence in my life!

Writing can literally be a gift!

Some special writings can be given as gifts!!  Encourage your children to share their writings with family members as gifts, either the original, or copies.  My daughter thrills me with original poems for Mother’s Day, and what grand-parent would not be delighted to see brilliant writing from their grands?

Make a date to celebrate accomplishment!

Parents, you can also announce special activities or game dates in honor of your child’s hard work or accomplishment to celebrate their awesome writing.

All of the above ideas  can help your child develop motivation, pride and confidence in his/her budding abilities through celebrations.  Remember, in one year, you will be amazed!

30 years experience here to help you grow enthusiastic and brilliant early readers and writers


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